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An Introduction March 23rd, 2020

Welcome to my blogs, these blogs attempt to give you information about the work I do and useful information on how you can keep your floor in good condition and how to sand and prepare floors yourself ...If you would like to ask questions please log into the website via the register tab and add a comment using the comment box. You can comment on individual blogs aswell if there is a question you wish to ask about a certain procedure or floor. I hope you enjoy my blog!


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finishing your floor in Oil - What you need to know

Blog Entry: 21 May, 2020

When finishing your floor there are many products and manufacturers on the domestic and commercial market. Oil is just one of these products, and today I will go through the finer details you need to know.

Firstly you need to get your decoration done and finished First: Unlike other products (see my other Blogs) it has a 8-10 hour drying time per coat. This potentially is a four day process to sanding and finishing your floor.

Obviously you have to take in to account the weather conditions, type of wood and internal conditions such as ventilation and heat.

I would like to say on completion of your wonderfully sanded, prepared and oiled floor its ready to use, but this is not always the case.

8-10 days is the official dry/curing time of Osmo oil and "2-3 weeks it is fully cured" so leave enough time between your floors.

Care / Protection When the floor is finished and dry \ cured please make time to read through what is listed on the official company literature for what can or shouldn`t be spilt on the floors.

Normal domestic spillages are listed on the manufacturer websites such as red wine, etc and even animal urine , but they do say clean this up within 1 hour. Products that are not listed and may have an oil based or thinning nature such as (thinners or paraffin) this may damage the finish.

As long as you know from the supplier or person applying the products the do`s and don'ts, what to expect and how long the finish will last you will be fine.

Most oil finished floors can be patch repaired in a medium sized area , but I would get a professional to fix the problem in the first instance, it is a lot harder to rectify if a incorrect product has been applied, this may affect the tone or colour of the area affected.

This advice is only a brief description and may or may not apply to the specific product \ manufacturer so check \ ask the relevant source the exact details.


Ben Raphael

Hi, my name is Ben and I have been sanding floors since 1998. I have sanded all types of floors from engineered pine to floorboards which are in excess of 300 years old. My work takes me all over the UK and France so I have experienced a lot of different types of floors and finishes. Floors can nearly always be brought back to life, so even if you think you floor is beyond help or repair get in touch with pictures of your floor via the online quote service and see what the options are for your floor.


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