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Dust Free Floor Sanding

Using quality products sourced from within the EU, ATT Floor Sanding pride ourselves on getting the job done right and always strive to exceed customer expectations. Contact us by Email, Phone, Messenger or via the Contact Form for a free no obligation quote.

What We Do

Sanding the Floor

Before we sand a floor we carry out stringent checks to make sure the area is free from any debris etc that may interfere with the sanding process. We start off the process of sanding with the relevant sanding grade to the condition of the floor and gradually decrease the grade to get a smooth finish. We use the latest dust extraction unit along with top quality sanding machines. We use mini-belts to get into the corners to ensure your floor is evenly sanded. Once the sanding is completed we fill any gaps with resin and dust. Once dry we re-sand to smooth the filler and get it level with the floor and then rebuff with a polishing sander and now it is time for the first coat of seal. Want more info? Call Ben on: 07976 731 660 or email Ben You will be pleasantly surprised!

Sealing and Sanding Back

In the next phase of the process we coat the floor with a waterbased commercial floor seal which is a natural product and allows the wood to breath. This seal is very easy to re-finish should an accident occur and you floor becomes damaged, However give the durability of this product it is a very rare occurance. The product soaks into the wood and gives a natural looking finish. When the first coat is dry we polish it back again to remove any potentially raised grain for extra smoothness. And then it is time for the final coats of seal. Get in touch Call Ben on:07976 731 660 or email us and get your free no obligation quotation today!

Finishing Off

Okay, so we have now got the floor smooth coated and buffed out we are ready for the final stages. We put down another coat of water based seal with a brush and leave it to dry. Once dry we will polish it out and apply a final coat of seal and repeat the process. Some areas only require to coats of seal and some require more, largely depending on the volume of the traffic in these areas. For example, a kitchen area belonging to a large family would usually require three coats where as an occasionally used sitting room would usually only require two. Want to know more? Get in touch Call Ben on:07976 731 660 or email us. And say goodbye to cold feet!

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