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An Introduction March 23rd, 2020

Welcome to my blogs, these blogs attempt to give you information about the work I do and useful information on how you can keep your floor in good condition and how to sand and prepare floors yourself ...If you would like to ask questions please log into the website via the register tab and add a comment using the comment box. You can comment on individual blogs aswell if there is a question you wish to ask about a certain procedure or floor. I hope you enjoy my blog!


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Requests from our readers

Blog Entry: 30 August, 2021

Thank you for your reviews and ideas for my blog for 1-Sanding the floor. 2- filling the gaps. 3-treating for woodworm and infestation. 4-finishing the floor for longevity. For the first part of this blog I am going to talk about sanding the floors. Depending on the type of wood, age and condition of the floor it will depend on the grade you will start with. For example if you have a hard oak floor board you would start with a 40grit sanding sheet, but if you had a soft pine board that was very dirty a 24grade sheet would be recommended unless it was clean then a 40grade would be used. With mini parquet unless the floor is particularly uneven and needs edges taken down a 40grade would also be be used followed by a 60grade then an 80grade. I personally use commercial grade sheets with thicker backing so they last longer and create less or no marks in the floor. With the hire shop sheets I would probably go down to 80 or 120 grade as they tend to break or wear out faster than commercial sheets. The edges are a similar matter depending on the floor but this is where you can iron out any imperfections in the floor , high or low boards, stains or light cuts in the wood and to remove any marks the sander may have left. Going on to the final part, and I must say potentially the most important, the corners. I use a Bosch mini belt to get a clean nest sand in the corner and under radiators etc, this can save a long time. Finally before you think about treating the floor for possible infestation or just sealing the floor you must check the floor as it's easier to fix the problem now than later. If you don't prepare - you are preparing to fail. Try to aim at perfection and it will pay off.


Ben Raphael

Hi, my name is Ben and I have been sanding floors since 1998. I have sanded all types of floors from engineered pine to floorboards which are in excess of 300 years old. My work takes me all over the UK and France so I have experienced a lot of different types of floors and finishes. Floors can nearly always be brought back to life, so even if you think you floor is beyond help or repair get in touch with pictures of your floor via the online quote service and see what the options are for your floor.


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